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Look Dominic, if the wedding doesn’t work out ...

By Jane Graham

It looked like one of the coolest weddings the west coast of Ireland has seen in years; a beautiful bride in a princess dress, a stunning glimmering castle, a proud, handsome groom in a leprechaun-coloured waistcoat — and some of the most notorious, wise-cracking, potty-mouthed cops in TV history whooping it up in style.

Wire star Dominic West’s wedding to his university sweetheart Catherine Fitzgerald, in her family’s Castle Glin in Connemara, was attended by a number of West’s Wire co-stars and the pictures make for amusing viewing, with the boozy, profanity-spewing ‘Bunk’ smiling his sweetest smile at the fragrant and very aristocratic Fitzgerald brood.

Lovely too, of course, to see the ever-exuberant West looking so happy, sporting a huge, boyish grin that could divert the sun’s rays. I’m pleased for him. Of course I am. I just want him to know that if the fairytale ever goes wrong, I will always be on hand to comfort him and show him that he can love again. Everyone should have a back-up plan. That’s all I’m saying.

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