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Losers too will have their day

By Jane Graham

We all remember the Popular Girl at school, the UK version of the prom queen who we all secretly hated because all the stuff we struggled so hard with seemed to come so easy to her. Well for those who like a bit of schadenfreude, Charlize Theron's new film Young Adult is a gift.

Theron's Mavis was a teenage beauty who spent most of her school days 'making out' with the school sports stars and not noticing the ordinary people who rubbed shoulders with her every day. Now she's a lonely, empty-headed, narcissistic and entirely unlovable 37-year-old alcoholic who cannot grasp the secret of contentedness.

It's the ultimate revenge movie for every one of us who was a geeky loser who thought we'd never be kissed when we were 15.

And food for thought for all those looks and popularity obsessed teenagers currently in danger of peaking before their 21st birthday.


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