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Magic of cinema is child's play for Scorsese

By Jane Graham

If you're a film fan keen to share your passion with your children, take them to Hugo, Martin Scorsese's love letter to the cinema.

Inspired by the ambitious imagination of his 12-year-old daughter (whom he credits with maintaining his boyish brio as he moves into his 70s), the great auteur (right) has finally made a film kids can actually see. And I can't think of many movies which celebrate cinema with this kind of sweet joy.

It's not just the touching performances Scorsese has coaxed out of his two teenage leads which will charm the under-18s. If they're interested in magic, optical illusions, dreams or machines they'll be intoxicated by this eulogy to the wizardry of the early moving pictures.

It might inspire them to find out more, or think differently about cinema. Speaking as someone who made up her mind to study film at university after seeing Scorsese's Mean Streets, I can't recommend it enough.


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