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Money can’t buy class for poor little rich girl Tam

By Jane Graham

Never has the old adage ‘money can’t buy class’ seemed more appropriate than when gazing upon pictures of multi-millionaire Tamara Ecclestone rolling around naked on a bed of bank notes this week.

And, no, it wasn’t monopoly money. According to photographer Tyler Shields’ publicist, the £1million which covered Tamara’s, um, modesty, was real money which the heiress to dad Bernie’s £2.5billion found ‘lying around’ her house.

The portrait coincides with the launch of Tamara’s new Channel 5 reality show which she hopes will show the cynical public the ‘real me’. According to Tam, the real her is fully aware of, and sensitive to, the recession and has had to work three times as hard as anyone to get past the ‘curse’ of her family name.

So it sounds like the series will be a profound and ground-breaking study on the oxymoronic nature of contemporary wealth, placing the committed charity worker at odds with the material possessions and luxury lifestyle her position has imposed upon her. Such as the 100 pairs of Louboutin shoes and the numerous £1,000 dresses she ‘doesn’t even like’ that she revealed to a magazine this week. Oh yes, and the thrice-weekly blow-dries and monthly holidays thrust upon her by a ruthlessly expectant world.

Perhaps, Tamara suggests, if the public weren’t so quick to write her off as a ‘spoilt rich girl’, she could relax and enjoy her fortune conscience-free. Instead we’ve forced her to make a reality show called Billion Dollar Girl. Yeah, right on Tamara — just what is everyone else’s problem?

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