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More power to Nolan for blast at those who dismiss terrorism here

By Jane Graham

Stephen Nolan hit the nail on the head this week when, on BBC 5Live, he expressed concern that recent bombings in Northern Ireland have barely registered with the rest of the UK.

Too many news-makers and their audiences, he implied, regard the current surge of terrorist activity as little more than the usual old story from a country they don’t care much about.

The horrific reality of what’s happening has been belittled as a result.

I’ve worked as a journalist in three of the four UK nations, and I think Nolan is right. If a bomb placed in a public place had injured three children in London or Edinburgh, it would have been a news sensation.

But an email to 5Live, saying that people in Northern Ireland should stop ‘bleating’ and ‘sort out their own problems’ highlights a dangerous and unacceptable response to events ‘across the water’ that even some BBC journalists are guilty of.

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