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Mo's a great runner, but an even classier man

By Jane Graham

Mo Farah has always given the impression of being one of life's nice guys.

 It might have something to do with the relentlessly cheerful way he always met his frighteningly frowny wife during the Olympics. But his decency and modesty shone more brightly than ever this week when, after completing the New Orleans half-marathon in record time, the double gold medal Olympian was asked by not very well briefed WSDU anchor LaTonya Norton, 'Haven't you run before? This isn't your first time?'

Rather than the affronted, 'Do you know who I am?' tone many of his peers would have adopted, Farah's beautiful manners led him to respond with gracefulness, saying he'd run half marathons before, but not full ones. After Norton took a barrelful of abuse from outraged Farah fans online, the great man also stepped in to defend her innocent 'mistake'.

One can be proud of a gold medal, but true kindness is a more rare and valuable commodity.

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