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New year, new plan, same old problems

By Jane Graham

It's not just normals like us who find the dawning of a new year provokes a sudden urge to make a clean break from a murky past or settle some unfinished business.

According to various reports this week, despite his less than total devotion during the Divine Brown years, Liz Hurley has come to the conclusion that the best place for her is by the side of her old boyfriend Hugh Grant; Kerry Katona is welcoming her not exactly overbooked ex Brian McFadden back to the family home to 'help out' with the kids while she gets her career back on track; and Katie Price has dyed her hair blonde.

While I keep my fingers crossed that flighty Hugh welcomes Liz and her eight-year-old son whole- heartedly into his swinging bach-pad, and Brian proves himself the loyal and committed dad he has always dreamt of being from the other side of the world, I fear that Katie Price may have to do more than restore her hair colour to its former sunshiny glory in order to reclaim the contentment and popularity she once enjoyed.

It's a common mistake - to imagine that going back to the barnet of one's youth will have the same effect as finding a way out of a joyless, trapped life organised as a series of headline-grabbing events which must escalate in newsworthiness in order to sustain one's career - but it almost never works.

If I were Katie's friend, I'd suggest a trip to Relate before John Frieda.


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