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No one compares to quirky Sinead O'Connor

By Jane Graham

I've always had a soft spot for Sinead O'Connor. She might not be the most obvious choice for a dinner party with the in-laws - I get the feeling that small talk and mingling among pineapples on sticks wouldn't be her forte.

But rock'n'roll should be a place for misfits and one-offs to shine and Sinead was one of the great, outspoken, compelling, drop dead gorgeous rock stars of the 80s. She wore her heart on her sleeve and let it bleed all over the stage.

She made mistakes and at times seemed completely lost, but she had one of the most sensational, raw voices in the history of pop music and when she sang, she felt every word.

She was also seriously smart and when she was in the mood, very funny. And this week the 44-year-old showed she has lost none of her wit when she complained that she was going through a rather barren stage in her sex life.

"Needless to say what I do for a living makes it hard for me to find men that only want me cos they like my (legendary) arse," said the thrice married singer. "Yet I am in the peak of my sexual prime and way too lovely to be living like a nun. And it's VERY depressing."

She said she wanted a man, though not one named Brian or Nigel, who was "blind enough to think I'm gorgeous." I hope she finds one. He might need the hide of a rhino, but life will never be dull.


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