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Nolan is speaking for us all ... but is anyone at the BBC listening to him?

By Jane Graham

Stephen Nolan is a man who likes a crusade (though I happen to know he refuses to get behind the 'pavement dog doo' protests, regardless of his exercised listeners) but his recent paroxysms of exasperation on 5Live about the absence of interest in events in Northern Ireland are not merely justified, they are crucial to the BBC's credibility.

Nolan berated the British media for its casual indifference to incidents which would create hysterical headlines if they happened anywhere else in the UK - regular attempts on policemen's lives, bombs found next to schools, violent riots on a nightly basis in the capital city - thus becoming one of the 'national' corporation's few voices of concern regarding these shocking news stories.

I hope that his vigour shakes up the network, but even more than that I wish someone could squeeze a word out of the UK Prime Minister, whose 'all in it together' stance seems to falter beyond Watford, and die entirely over the Irish sea.


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