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Not that old wives' tale, Kate

By Jane Graham

Lots of people got very excited this week when the notoriously tight-lipped Kate Moss gave a magazine interview.

Headlines from the Secundus of fashion splashed across the news-stands: Kate tells flesh-flashing British women to cover up! Kate unsure about wearing hot pants!

In truth, this was one of the most pathetically mundane and embarrassingly infantile interviews you'll read this year.

Whether this was the fault of Kate Moss, her interviewer or the controlling PR team who set the boundaries for such encounters, who knows.

But call me old-fashioned - or say I have normal expectations of humanity - the revelation that a woman with good cheekbones and nice clothes has found the challenge of walking her dog while wearing heels demands that she "rethink everything" does not meet my standards of vaguely interesting.

Ditto Kate's confession that she sometimes sees girls wearing her Topshop creations and she's like "Hiya" and they're like, "Oooh!"

Perhaps I'm being unfair. Opinions were expressed. One was that English people aren't used to summer so sometimes dress in a way that makes her think 'Put it awaaay!'

Another was that her husband, Kills guitarist Jamie Hince, would go "mental" if she started dressing "like a wife." I'm not sure quite what she means by that.

She talks about staying "rock 'n' roll", but Courtney Love was a wife. Patti Smith was a wife. The best-known lifelong eternal spinster in the UK is probably Ann Widdecombe. Does Kate prefer to channel her?


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