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Now I’m dying to know more about Nick Clegg and his hair

By Jane Graham

He’s always at pains to tell us how honest and upfront he is, so I’m hoping Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg can explain why his hair has suddenly taken on a tawny/aubergine tint.

This strange shade applies just for men and has no precedent in a natural context, yet many chaps develop when they are around their mid-40s. Paul McCartney is the most famous victim of the phenomenon but there are many others.

The good news for men who are not involved in showbiz is that the colour is only detectable when lit from above or behind, so if you don’t do a lot of standing under studio or stage lights you should be able to lead a normal life, even if you have been similarly afflicted.

Clegg’s colleague Vince Cable has no such concerns. Bald and proud, he is increasingly seen as a beacon of honesty within his party, untarnished with the tawny hue of over-compromise.

Clegg should take a cue.


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