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Of course it was the tabloids that made Chris Huhne cheat on his wife

By Jane Graham

As Amanda observes in Noel Coward's Private Lives, there is nothing as annoying as someone who "goes on".

How unloveable is the whiny, self-pitying, unforgiving, grudge-holding little person! What a tragic flaw is the inability to see oneself as others see one, and not to understand how much likeability is dependent on having the courage and humour to rise above perceived slights of the past and take responsibility for one's own actions!

I speak, dear reader, as you will have already guessed, of Chris Huhne, the once revered Energy Secretary and now not so revered ex-jailbird who jumped straight out of prison onto telly this week to blame the tabloids for ending his marriage. Nothing to do with that affair you had then Chris, which you told your wife about at half-time in a football match before nipping out to the gym? No, you adorable misunderstood old sausage, of course it wasn't.

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