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One is not amused by this display

By Jane Graham

There has been much speculation about what the Queen was referring to when she muttered "creepy" to Kate-who-must-now-inexplicably-be-called-Catherine while the two gazed upon a headless dummy sporting KWMNIBCC's April wedding dress.

The dress forms part of a new exhibition in Buckingham Palace which is expected to draw more than 650,000 visitors this summer. But it has been said that the Scooby Doo style in which the dress is presented - suggesting, with its absent head and floating tiara, a particularly high-end ghoul - made the Queen shiver, and deem the sight "horrible".

There are other possibilities. A quick look at photos of the Queen and her granddaughter-in-law during their private viewing of the exhibition indicates that the often unimpressed monarch found the experience rather appalling. Maybe she hated the dress all along?

Or perhaps she was conveying her distaste for the idea that the common people would soon be over-running her London home in a rather pathetic lemming-like desperation to clap eyes on a dress that has become lauded simply because a woman with a nice smile wore it while marrying into the Royal family.

Then again, there's a chance that Liz had just heard George Osborne's hilarious claim that the wedding, which we'd been assured since news of the engagement last November would bring in millions of pounds in tourism, was to blame for a rise in economic growth akin to the advancement of an asthmatic ant with some very heavy shopping (thank you Blackadder). In which case, "creepy" sounds remarkably diplomatic.


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