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Please don’t dumbdown politics with Dermot

By Jane Graham

I’m a Dermot O’Leary fan. But I think the idea of the X Factor host presenting a politics show to make the subject ‘more accessible’ to disengaged audiences is an insult to those of us who bother to take an interest in what’s going on in the world.

I’ve never understood the perpetual obsession politicians and the media have with capturing the imaginations of ignoramuses who describe politics as a ‘turn-off’ (as if ‘politics’ were somehow separate from ‘life’).

Some don’t vote because they’re angry or frustrated — that’s not being disconnected, that’s a reasonable response to reality. Others don’t vote because they’re switched-off knuckleheads who worship at the altar of McDonalds, Big Brother or Grand Theft Auto.

Democracy is safer if the latter don’t go anywhere near a ballot box; I’d rather have low voting than an outcome muddled by philistinism or bigotry. Stick to an area where ignorance isn’t so dangerous Dermot.

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