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Politics ... it’s got beyond satire

By Jane Graham

Forget Newsnight or The Politics Show. If you want to know what goes on in the corridors of power, watch the BBC’s splendid sweary satire The Thick Of It.

I laughed like a drain this week on reading that Armando Iannucci’s writing team are now approached by government insiders keen to leak information on the reality of Coalition politics. I’m not surprised though.

When I spoke to Alistair Campbell, widely regarded as the ‘inspiration’ for the show’s foul-mouthed, red-mist swathed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker, it was clear he was flattered by the suggestion he could command a room like Tucker. I’m sure he didn’t hate the idea that he could suggest an esteemed colleague ‘kiss my sweaty balls’ with Tucker’s brio either.

I reckon MPs now estimate their profile and charisma according to the chances of a Thick of It character being based on them. I fear Danny Alexander may be disappointed.

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