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Pulses racing as Liam gets steamy

By Jane Graham

Thank you Liam Neeson for proving this week what I've always said: real men do the ironing.

As pictures of Liam looking deeply contented as he clocked up a two-hour shift at his sister's Ballymena laundry business demonstrated, there are few things in life more satisfying for a man of action than crushing those troublesome creases with a no-nonsense piping-hot steam iron.

With a bigger smile than we've seen on the big man's face for a long time, Neeson showed lesser chaps that while anyone can wave around a shotgun, it takes a real man to turn a potential lethal weapon into a force for good. And his stint was well worth the effort just for the sheer pleasure it gave locals.

"Everyone did a double take when they saw Liam ironing," an unnamed provider of platitudes told a national newspaper. "No one expected to see a huge star like him doing the laundry."

Married as I am to a Ballymena man who does indeed do the ironing every Sunday night, I can confirm that there are few more attractive sights than a hairy-armed Antrim man getting steamy with the next day's school uniforms.

It's something about the mix of a surprise feminine side and the knowledge that you won't have to do it now - it'll get a girl hot under her collar every time.

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