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Reality is sex sells

By Jane Graham

Standards have never been high regarding celebrity status on reality TV shows.

Any showbiz insider will tell you that while has-beens and minor stars can co-exist relatively peacefully in the wilds of a reality TV compound, the unexpected arrival of a genuine B-lister can cause group-threatening havoc not unlike that activated by the release of a hungry tiger into a pit of over-acting meerkats. It’s why William Roache had to pull out of this year’s Dancing on Ice.

We all get that now. What’s less acceptable is the recent trend for signing up people who have not a jot of celebrity of their own — not one bikini calendar or a single hit record from the 80s — but who may be coaxed into spilling gossip on slightly famous people.

After a mesmerising performance from Natasha Giggs — the sister-in-law and on/off lover of Ryan G — on Celebrity BB in January, rumours regarding the next series suggest even lower standards involving a woman who got a few randy texts from Vernon Kay a while back.

Meanwhile it’s been reported that Jenny Thompson, the escort whose conquests include Wayne Rooney and Mario Balotelli, has been offered £30,000 to do I’m a Celebrity.

It’s hardly a surprise that reality TV is no bastion of morality, but the willingness to trigger careers for women whose only currency is potentially family-ruining sexual revelations scrapes the bottom of an already scummy bucket.

Hard to imagine even Ant & Dec getting a laugh out of that.

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