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Rent-a-mouth Katie Hopkins should be fired ...permanently

By Jane Graham

It is with a heavy heart and some self-disapproval that I find myself writing the name Katie Hopkins.

I know, of course, that by doing so I've fallen into her clever, grotesque trap to exploit the media appetite for spitefulness and self-delusion by saying the nastiest, stupidest things she can think of.

She knew when she pronounced Kelly Brook a "chubster" and working mums who weren't a size eight "lazy" this week she would prolong her career as the sharp-tongued motormouth we all love to hate.

As she did when she said she could never love a ginger child.

What fascinates me, though, is not how low she's willing to go for a few talking head slots (no programme actually employs her), but how unafraid she is of looking so humiliatingly desperate for a few moments in the spotlight.

I've worked on talk shows and know how easy it is when filling a debate to go for the 'never says no' minor celeb who's willing to be stereotyped as Mr or Mrs Nasty/Sexist/Censorious etc. In fact, I was asked more than once to call Hopkins for exactly that purpose. Producers shouldn't do it – it's lazy and encourages a lowering of the moral bar – but it happens all the time.

However, few celebrities are as casual with their own image and personal ethics as Ms Hopkins. And for such little reward Katie?

After constantly complaining about falling social standards, you really should look more closely at your own tawdry, classless grab at fame.

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