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Ricky Gervais picks the right targets for gags

By Jane Graham

Ricky Gervais has taken some flak as host of the Golden Globes this week.

The New York Daily News called him ‘tasteless’, the LA Times said his jokes were ‘corrosive’ and, onstage, Robert Downey Jr (bizarrely) called his act ‘mildly sinister’.

I think Gervais stuck to his pretty justifiable code — if your only targets are the rich and famous, go for it.

If you’re really funny, go for it with guts. His joke about I Love you Philip Morris — that it featured two heterosexual actors pretending to be gay: “so, the complete opposite of some famous Scientologists” — was extremely brave, voicing a belief that most of Hollywood harbours but never says in public, due to the extremely powerful influence of Scientology there.

Anyway, Robert de Niro and Alex Baldwin were in fits of laughter and the divine John Hamm of Mad Men thought Gervais was hilarious. If those are the guys on Gervais’ team, I’m signing up now.

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