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Rory McIlroy will give us a Major party

By Jane Graham

It was heartbreaking to watch Rory McIlroy fall away so dramatically in the final round of the Masters this week.

It was particularly hard after hearing Colin Murray explain to his co-hosts on 5Live what he felt was the symbolic importance of the 21-year-old's achievements.

In a week when Northern Ireland was making international headlines that could have been plucked out of history books, perhaps giving half-interested news-watchers the idea that the country had never really pulled itself out of the bad old days, there was McIlroy's Tiger-baiting talent telling the world a different, entirely positive story about Northern Ireland's future.

Like many before him, McIlroy once left for America to hone his skills - but this kid came back for good just a year later, saying he was happier and more secure at home.

McIlroy's warmth and optimism, not to mention his genius, unites the nation. What a party we'll have when he wins his first major.


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