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Rude of the PM to be in such health

By Jane Graham

When asked by the Radio Times this week what she would change the channel to avoid, Jenny Agutter, who's always struck me as a switched-on, savvy woman, said Prime Minister David Cameron.

"It's just that thing of seeing someone who doesn't seem to belong to the world they're talking about," she said. "I want a man with such a difficult job to look a bit more tired and rough."

I've had similar thoughts about Cameron lately. The thing about him not belonging to the same world as he supposedly represents is obvious - the man has yet to grow a chin. That's not his fault, just a misfortune of his gene pool. But it has struck me that, unlike other world leaders, who generally go grey, lose two stone and wrinkle like a crisp bag within six months of taking office, Cameron looks to still be in shiny, frankly rude health.

Dave boasted, in another 'down with the kids' interview lately, that he's 'finished' the phone app game Angry Birds. I'd love to know how long he's had Angry Birds. I've found that, due to my busy life, it takes weeks to complete.

Obama once called Cameron a lightweight. That might have been diplomatic language. I'm beginning to wonder if he's taking the whole PM-job thingy serious at all.


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