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Sally's made real show of herself

By Jane Graham

As expected, Sally Bercow's entrance into the Celebrity Big Brother house has sent ripples throughout Twitter, medialand and the Conservative Party.

Speaker's wife Mrs Bercow is everything the Tories hate - a vulgar loudmouth leftwing female who loves divulging details of her sex life and, according to new housemate Kerry Katona, farting in public. As so many Tory boys also hate John Bercow - whom they feel is not biased towards them enough in the House - there is much glee at his current embarrassment, with one minister reportedly even texting his colleagues the charming, if rather guttural and misogynistic, 'Vote 4 the slapper - save Sally Bercow'.

My initial response is to defend Mrs Bercow's ostensibly enlightened argument that she is her own person, not merely her husband's wife, and her insistence that her Big Brother appearance is a way of sticking it to the establishment.

Unfortunately, however, that's a load of codswallop. It's clear that most of the establishment are keen for Sally to continue to mortify her unpopular husband.

But more importantly, since when was feminism defined by not giving a rat's ass about undermining and humiliating your supportive partner (whose high profile success, by the way, you have exploited mercilessly to get famous)?

When did freedom of expression become synonymous with ruthless self-gratification and to hell with sparing a thought for the people who actually love you?

It's possible to be independent, liberated AND considerate, Sals. Just not in the enslaving world of celebrity, which has you and your 'feisty' persona eating out of its oily hand.


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