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School's out, but I'm being taught a tough lesson

By Jane Graham

I like the relaxed schedule of the summer break. As someone who hates any kind of routine task – and the school term is full of uniform washing, homework-tending, lunchbox packing drudgery – I enjoy the freedom holidays bring. I must admit, however, the last few years I've also welcomed the week or two my kids have gone to sports or arts clubs, soaking in those brief periods of house peace.

But this year I find to my chagrin that the clubs have disappeared, slashed their hours or doubled their prices, thanks to council cutbacks via our esteemed Chancellor Gidiot Osborne. If only my children went to one of those sexy independent fee-paying free schools whose charitable status awards them tax breaks worth over £100m a year. Maybe then they'd have the chance to get some sport in through the holidays. And an education so superior they could help me understand why their school was recognised as a charity.

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