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Seconds out for a film about Barry McGuigan

By Jane Graham

As I've mentioned, I spoke to boxing legend and enthusiastic etymologist Barry McGuigan this week and was buoyed by his un-dimmed passion for Belfast and the Northern Ireland community.

We talked about the bizarrely as yet unmade movie of his life, and he was in no doubt as to its climax. "250,000 people turned up in Dublin to cheer me on an open-topped bus along O'Connell St after my world title winning fight in 1985," he said. "I'll never forget the sea of smiling faces that greeted me that day."

He was a little less sure who might play him in the film. He's still in awe of Daniel Day Lewis, whom he trained for his role in The Boxer ('What an athlete') but fears he's too old. Ditto Michael Fassbender, though Fassbender has 'an edge' that Barry likes, which James McAvoy, who Barry admires but thinks is 'too nice' doesn't. Whoever does it, I say, just do it soon!


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