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See this movie if you want good vibes about Belfast

By Jane Graham

Today is an important Friday for many of us in Northern Ireland.

A day we hope will long be remembered as one when a culture shift in this country sent hopeful ripples into the future. So henceforth – or at least for this year – let it be known as Good Vibrations Friday.

Yes, after many months of talking and tweeting and quoting its famous fans (eg Ron Howard if you needed reminding) the cool, sexy, funny, Belfast born and bred movie that brought a tear to hardened critic Mark Kermode's eye is finally on general release.

Good Vibes is a rare thing; like the European Cup-winning Celtic team of 1967, all of its main crew – writers, directors, producers, lead actor – come from within a few miles of each other, which could be the secret to its authenticity and wit.

Punk rock delivers its characters and its spirit, but youth, love and hope supply its big Belfast soul. Go see.

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