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Shock, horror ... GAA star is fond of shopping, shoes and bow ties

By Jane Graham

I read this week that Gaelic football star Paul Galvin has made the shocking 'admission' that, despite his background in a tough, manly sport, his effortless beard and his big broad shoulders, he is a 'metrosexual'.

Galvin has gobsmacked a certain quarter of the Northern Ireland press with his brave confession that he is interested in fashion, owns lots of pairs of shoes, likes shopping and is "actually quite creative".

His high opinion of Kanye West is also deemed newsworthy, as it is West's dapper bow ties, as much as his music, which appeal to Galvin.

This is the kind of story it is fun to e-mail to friends living across the Irish Sea to convince them that the Father Ted attitude to normal contemporary lifestyles survives without irony in parts of Ireland. They think I'm fecking making it up!


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