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So, what was point they were making?

By Jane Graham

I'm a huge film fan but also a big fan of sleeping, so despite my good intentions, which involved my bedside radio and a large, unwieldy pair of headphones, I nodded off before the 2am start of Oscars ceremony.

My curiosity (and perhaps my Sennheiser-affronted neck) must have found the unconscious thing rather frustrating though, as it woke me unnaturally early and urged me to grab my phone for immediate access to the headlines.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology it only took a couple of seconds for me to be made privy to the talking point of this star-studded night of movie celebration; you could see Anne Hathaway's nipples through her dress.

Whether you looked on Twitter, Facebook, through newspaper sites or even just did a Google search, the dominance of this story over that of any award-winning was pretty clear – probably about a two to one balance.

It's worth pointing out to those with only a passing interest in cinema that Hathaway also won an Oscar for her portrayal of a stricken, cast-out prostitute separated from her child in Les Miserables. Hers was the most easily predicted award – she was repeatedly described as a 'shoo-in' – because her performance was simply astonishing, searingly troubling and moving, leaving even those immune to the rest of the film's charms totally disarmed and tear-spent.

She's one of the most compelling young actresses Hollywood has. But really, that's beside the point. The thing is... you could see her nipples!

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