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Speed's suicide was a tragedy, leave it at that

By Jane Graham

The terrible, shocking death of Wales manager Gary Speed has left thousands of us reeling.

The suicide of a 42-year-old man who seemed to have it all is not just immensely sad, it is unsettling.

As his old pal Robbie Savage said, he had a beautiful wife, two lovely sons, a very proud mum and dad, and a career on the up and up, with his status among Welsh football fans moving into heroic territory.

So I understand the growing clamour to find out why Speed took his own life, spurred by the announcement of the inquest into his suicide this week.

It's an instinct I, as a curious and concerned human being, share.

But if the 'explanation' is something Speed wanted kept secret - and it's possible that the threat of its being publicly uncovered was what provoked his drastic, horrifying action - I hope for his and his family's sake that it remains a mystery forever.


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