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Stop and think of real tragedies of this ice-age and stop moaning

By Jane Graham

There have been some dreadful snow-related stories in the news this week, with some people trapped in their cars for 10 hours, chemotherapy and dialysis patients unable to attend sessions, and, most heartbreaking of all, an elderly couple found dead in their garden in Cumbria.

I hope the seriousness of these people's experiences made all the professional moaners who got straight on the radio and TV to moan about closed schools, icy footpaths and a lack of gritters feel suitably chastened.

For those of us whose health isn't threatened, sudden snowfall should be a challenge for the imagination and a welcome excuse to change our routine a bit. With the world outside looking and feeling so different, snow brings an opportunity for escapism, slowing down and smelling the coffee.

Best of all, the hard ground might lead to a Brussel sprout shortage - as if kids didn't love the white stuff enough!

So, chill ...


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