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Subo's faith strikes a chord

By Jane Graham

Lots of us grew up with the drunken, merry sing-song a staple of family life. I met Susan Boyle last week and she told me her own childhood in a big close-knit Irish family was full of such happy get togethers.

Her father enjoyed a round of Scarlet Ribbons, her sister a shot of Sinatra. And Susan loved the musicals.

"My party piece was I Don't Know How to Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar," she reminisced fondly. Her mother, seeing her youngest child grow up awkward and shy and regularly bullied at school for being, in Susan's words, "a slow learner", tried to bring her daughter out of her shell by encouraging her love of singing from an early age.

I'm glad Susan and her mother never met Ian Brown, the 'convenor of government and morals committee' in the Free Presbyterian Church who wrote to this newspaper this week proclaiming that, 40 years on, Jesus Christ Superstar remains a blasphemous and "seriously corrupt aberration" that "no Christian should have anything to do with".

Alongside music and family, Susan Boyle's other great passion is her faith. While a Harry Hill-style fight between Subo and Brown to determine which is the greater Christian may be ill-advised, I'd guess JC himself would have more time for the woman who feels God in her heart and uses the resulting strength to sing for millions of people around the world than the little man who makes lists of songs, books and films it's his Christian duty to try to ruin for other Christians.


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