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Such Budget hell for the super-rich!

By Jane Graham

How I feel for those at the top end of the 'squeezed middle' who continue to have cash stolen out of their pockets to be thrown willy nilly at couch potatoes who can't even find a job!

As many often tell us, they 'don't consider myself well off', so why should they be expected to forgo pleasures like an extra holiday every year just because saddoes who chose rubbishy-paid jobs like nursing or teaching are fussing about a level playing field?

As one woman who earns around £150,000 but 'doesn't consider myself well off' (despite being in the top 1% of UK earners) put it on the BBC this week, why should she lose her child benefit and be asked to pay 45% tax on the few pounds above £150,000 she sometimes makes? She works damn hard for her Veuve Clicquot! I hope George Osborne's tax-cutting budget has brought a chink of light into these poor voiceless people's lives.


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