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Super Beyonce bowls over critics

Jane Graham

I'm guessing Beyonce was still smarting from the mauling she took for miming the national anthem during President Obama's inauguration when she got onstage at the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

Because only a woman scorned could have summoned up the ferocious energy to perform like she did at that gig. That, and the driving thought of an audience of a hundred million people watching her every move, scanning every note for evidence of human fallibility.

I'm quite enjoying David Attenborough's Africa, but I'd be even more interested to hear his thoughts on the Beyonce species in action. What qualities, I would ask the all-knowing David as he gazed intently at the strutting, thrusting, hair-tossing bouncing Beyonce, are required for such behaviour? David? Hello? CAN YOU HEAR ME, DAVID?

She was mocked when she said she'd decided to mime at the inauguration because she was a perfectionist who felt the lack of rehearsal time and inadequate sound-check could result in a big letdown when she sang. It sounded like a weak excuse, but I understand what she meant. If you can't hear your own voice clearly, it's difficult to be sure you're in tune and in time. If she'd messed up America would still be talking about it. It might even have overshadowed the other, rather more pressing events of the day. There's no question, after her fierce Amazonian performance at the Super Bowl, that anything frankly anyone can do, Beyonce can do better.

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