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Surely she could have shown Britt more class!

By Jane Graham

I don't know any parent who doesn't welcome the Coalition's new commitment to combating what David Cameron calls the 'premature sexualisation' of children. But I'm getting sick of the equally widespread practise of assuming that a decade of said exploitation has spawned a generation of debauched, deadbeat teenagers.

She clearly imagines herself to be a class act but Britt Ekland showed herself to be a graceless human being this week.

Ekland has been outspoken about her strong dislike for I'm a Celeb camp-mate Gillian McKeith and on the catch-up show this week we saw the awkward moment when she bumped into McKeith who was holding the hands of her two young daughters. Now Gillian is an irritating, attention-seeking, childish woman, and Brit had every right to say so. But it's quite a different thing to mock the woman in front of her anxious, visibly trembling children.

It wasn't just that Ekland made a point of behaving coldly towards her nemesis, making it clear she wasn't interested in feigning friendship even for a minute. When McKeith innocently explained that her girls' noticeable wariness of Ekland was just a symptom of their being 'over-excited', Ekland replied frostily: "Ah, just like you then,'' before impersonating Gillian's high-pitched shriek as she walked away.

My guess is that Gillian's daughters were 'shy' in front of Britt because they were well-aware of her attacks on their mother and, though they seemed mortified by the whole experience, their loyalties and urge to protect their embarrassing mum determined their behaviour.

There are few things as hurtful as seeing your parent being belittled by another adult. It's even worse if you can tell your mum doesn't quite get it. My heart breaks for any child who sees that, and for me, it made an ugly sister of beauty queen Britt.


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