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Terence gives sandals a stamp of approval

By Jane Graham

It's not often I would recommend taking sartorial advice from a 74-year-old man in Birkenstocks, but Terence Stamp isn't the average sandalled pensioner.

The one–time 'It Guy' of the sixties, who dated Julie Christie and Brigitte Bardot, is still slim, handsome and effortlessly cool, having decided long ago, on advice from a then fight-banned Muhammad Ali, to kept his body shipshape and ever-ready for 'the recall'.

My husband had me under instructions to ask him his opinion on brogues – he's a fan – and Stamp told me that he generally starts every outfit with shoes, then dresses around them.

The nomadic actor, who hasn't owned a home since the mid 70s, told me he sometimes wears Birkenstocks as a challenge to himself, to see if he can still look good, and retain his authority, in sandals (no socks obviously). And somehow, he can. He's a man you don't meet every day.

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