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Thankfully Michelle is much more caring than her local health trust

By Jane Graham

My heart sank when I read yet another story of a carer - the most under-rewarded job in the world - being abandoned by the state this week.

Michelle Harris is the distraught mother who has been informed that there is no place for her disabled daughter at Maybrook adult training centre once she leaves school this month. I could feel the panic emanating from Michelle Harris when I read her response - a combination of fear and desperation.

How will she cope day-to-day left alone 24/7 to care for her highly demanding and frighteningly vulnerable daughter? Mrs Harris is afraid of both Jasmine and herself 'deteriorating' together, saying her daughter needs her routine and 'to feel like (she) matters'.

The Western Trust deny their budget has been cut. (So what's their secret? Everyone else's has.) Their weaselly statement, the usual impersonal management-speak riposte, is an insult to every committed and brave carer in Northern Ireland.


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