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The day Vince Cable snapped

By Jane Graham

While the right wing press gleefully call for Vince Cable's sacking after revelation of his indiscretions to the undercover Telegraph journos he thought were distressed constituents, there must be plenty of people, who, like me, breathed a sigh of relief to discover that he's not entirely sold his soul to the coalition.

Of course it was daft to be so open with people he didn't know about 'waging war' with the Murdoch empire, but how many of us were reassured to know that at least one man with real government power vehemently hates Rupert Murdoch? And while some quarters label him 'unfit for office', I for one thank God that the man I rely on to curb the worst excesses of the Tories is still in place.

Had the Daily Telegraph targeted Conservative ministers in the same way, it would have come up with some similarly job-threatening silliness. But of course it didn't, because the Telegraph hates Cable for his leftist leanings. And it believes in its right to exert power over the cabinet, to the point of weeding out members it doesn't approve of. Meanwhile, by calling for his resignation, the blindsided Labour party plays beautifully into the paper's hands.

Cable should have been more prudent, but the old guy was clearly flattered by the flirtatious giggling and 'Wow, you know loads of stuff' exclamations of his fake female constituents and made a daft mistake. He said what everyone already knew he thought. It's hardly the sinking of the Belgrano.


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