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The pain lives on over singer Kurt Cobain's suicide

By Jane Graham

What struck me about the tough read that was Frances Cobain's interview about her father Kurt (above) this week wasn't that she's not a big fan of Nirvana's music.

That part made headlines, but it was far more affecting to hear her describe her rock icon father's suicide as his abandoning her "in the most awful way possible".

There is still such hurt in these words, which makes so poignant her insistence: "But I know from the video footage and letters that I have that Kurt wrote me ... my dad did love me."

This articulate, self-possessed woman offers insight into an experience many share, but society rarely discusses.

The party's over for these big kids

While it remains unusual to spend £70,000 for a Peter Pan/Alice in Wonderland themed party, as parents of one-year-old twins recently did, it does seem we're increasingly losing the war with sanity when it comes to kids' parties.

The average splash is now £135, with one-in-six parents admitting to more than £300. And many of these are for toddlers of three years and under.

In other words, they're not for the blissfully ignorant children at all, but for their ridiculously competitive parents.

I recommend these fully-grown adults get a hobby, or read a book - anything to relieve them of their pathological need to impress.

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