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There'd be no Huw and cry if he vanished from our TV screens ...

By Jane Graham

Get your TV upgraded, Huw Edwards keeps telling us, 'If you still want to see me after the digital switchover.'

Huw's tone is grave, suggesting he doesn't like to play dirty but yes, if you don't get upgraded he will regretfully remove himself from your screen, even though he knows that there could be no greater punishment for the good men and women of the UK.

Of all the BBC 'faces', why did the BBC choose Huw Edwards to make this threat? Is anyone likely to leap out of their seat, newly motivated to upgrade, for fear of losing Huw? Jeremy Paxman, maybe. Robert Peston, Matt Smith, Steve Coogan, for sure.

But there must be some people who would welcome the charisma-free Huw's absence from their telly, who might get rather excited imagining who'll replace him if they don't upgrade.

Perhaps their news will be read by Peter Andre instead. Lucky old luddites.


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