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Thinking outside the Christmas box

By Jane Graham

I received a charming missive from my Ballymena-born brother- in-law this week, the one who works with bankers in the City.

Though he retains his love for a Joyeux Noel, I fear he has gone to one too many management meetings:

Dear Jane, I need a gift spec from you RE: my niece and nephew. If we are going down the clothing route, then we need some 360-degree thinking going on here.

We have got to make sure we incentivise, pre-planning is imperative in this case.

Cascading down from clothes, there is the option of toys; definitely something we need to give 110% thought to. Need to action this from the get go, Christmas is just around the corner and we don't want to be caught out, esp in Q3.

If you think a more granular approach is worth taking, we can touch base offline, when my bandwidth is looking healthier.

Yours, E

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