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Time is of the essence if you want to impress

By Jane Graham

New research suggests that we form an impression of the opposite sex within the first seven seconds of meeting (that's gone down four seconds since the last bit of research - proof that modern life is more time-pressed than ever).

It made me wonder, what can one do in those first seven seconds to not only emit positive, friendly vibes, but attract like-minded souls and turn away time-wasters?

It's difficult to know what your appearance and choice of clothes says to strangers - when I choose platform boots, flares, gobstopper ring and black eyeliner, I'm hoping for cool, chic, independent, a bit rock 'n' roll. However, others admit they originally thought upon meeting me, inappropriate, childish and possibly stupid. So I think the safest bet is to stick a 'deal-breaker' book or DVD under your arm - for me, if a man doesn't get Joyce's Dubliners, The Great Gatsby, The Office or Annie Hall, it's over before it's begun.


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