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Time to let star Christine twinkle

By Jane Graham

I know I’ve said in the past that what Christine Bleakley does best is twinkle, but even I don’t think that’s the sum total of her abilities.

She might not have the ruthless interviewing nous of Jeremy Paxman or the comedic alertness of Frankie Boyle, but she’s capable of doing more than reading links between pre-recorded items and asking rehearsed questions in interviews.

Yet it seems the producers of Daybreak have yet to be convinced, because that’s as far as they’re prepared to stretch her in her new role.

I’d imagine Christine is bored rigid with Daybreak already. Imagine getting up at 3am to sit in make-up for two hours then head out to the studio floor where all you get to do is read the autocue and aim scripted questions at people who’ve actually done stuff and researched things (especially uninspiring when those people are as fluffy as Kate Garraway or Alexandra Burke).

It might make sense to leave the bulk of an interview with a relative heavyweight like Tony Blair to Adrian Chiles, but Christine can gossip and trade jokes and have a dig with the best of them. She knows how to get a guest to open up with a little bit of flirting or, if it’s a woman, some heart to heart sharing.

She has, in short, a personality, and a charming way of exploiting it on screen — but she isn’t trusted to show any of that on the insipid Daybreak.

Rather a waste of a £4m investment.

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