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Too much idol gossip over Adam’s gay kiss

By Jane Graham

There’s been a storm in the US over American Idol star Adam Lambert’s impromptu ‘gay kiss’ during his performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday.

Some 1,500 viewers complained about Lambert’s smooch, a pressure group called Parents Television Council pronounced it ‘indecent’, and news shows have been debating it ever since.

How my heart sinks when I’m reminded how narrow-minded the Neanderthals still are regarding young gay people. Dannii Minogue was blasted for referring to X Factor contestant Danyl Johnson’s (already declared) bisexuality on TV, as if she was exposing a dirty secret.

Last week a tabloid referred to a celebrity as a ‘self-confessed homosexual’ — dark ages language indeed.

Don’t even get me started on the delusional Iris Robinson.

Coming out when you’re young takes guts and shows resilience — we should applaud our gay stars, not avert our eyes.

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