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Tragic friend could help Andy Murray ace Wimbledon

By Jane Graham

Something has clearly changed in Andy Murray's head recently.

He said this week he was finally reconciled to the possibility of never winning Wimbledon; it doesn't eat away at him anymore. Thus, he's more relaxed on court and probably more likely to win Wimbledon.

This may have something to do with Murray's devastation at his friend Ross Hutchins' cancer diagnosis, and the perspective it's provided. He says he would happily trade a Wimbledon win for Hutchins' recovery. Maybe before now he couldn't imagine trading ultimate victory for anything.

In a BBC documentary Murray also spoke publicly, for the first time, about his memories of being an eight-year-old pupil caught up in the 1996 Dunblane massacre. Through tears he said it was only recently he'd had the will to research the event. It must feel good that he's finally replaced the town's dark image with one of hope and pride. Now, more than ever: Come on Andy!

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