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Tweet trolls show little charity to Catherine

By Jane Graham

When Corrie actress Catherine Tyldesley chose to give her Family Fortunes winnings to a charity supporting the families of prisoners, it probably didn't occur to her that she was setting herself up for a social media mauling.

She must have been shaken when she was flooded with tweets afterwards calling her a disgrace and telling her she should have chosen a victims' charity instead.

''The children/families of prisoners are innocent and often left with nothing,' she replied. 'Children living with constant bullying and in poverty.

'It's NOT their fault. Have a heart.'

She could have added 'I won the bloody money and it's up to me which causes I care about.

'And by the way, your implication that we should all only support high profile universally popular charities and abandon the ones that pick up the pieces ignorant folk like you leave behind misses the whole point of charity. Y'idiots.'

But she didn't. Dignified, classy girl.

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