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Typical of men to change the rules when we women race out in front

By Jane Graham

!It’s not often I pick up on stories involving sportswomen like Paula Radcliffe, mainly because the mum-of-two who can run 26 miles less than two and a half hours is so far from anything I can relate to I find my brain getting foggy at the mere mention of her name.

But Radcliffe’s anger at the athletics governing body’s decision to change the rules so that times set by women in mixed-gender races like marathons will be disregarded in terms of world records is wholly justified. The IAFF say women use men as pacemakers and therefore have an advantage when running against them which those running in all-female races don’t. But as herself Radcliffe says: “You won't find one image of me running behind (a man). I was racing them.”

Do the boys find the idea of women running as fast as them so outrageous they have to invent policy to dissuade them from even trying?

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