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Ugly side of the fashion industry is exposed

By Jane Graham

What a disastrous few weeks for the fashion industry.

Bad enough was the realisation that the death of 28-year-old anorexic model Isabelle Caro two months ago hasn't put designers off using girls like the gut-clenchingly underweight Chloe Memisevic (left), who walked for Erdem in London Fashion Week in outfits designed to show off the tiny knots in her skeletal shoulder blades.

Even worse was the online footage of feted fashion 'genius' John Galliano apparently telling two women he assumed were Jewish, "People like you ought to be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers would all be gassed. I love Hitler".

And Galliano has long enjoyed a reputation as one of fashion's most personable designers! Oscar-winner Natalie Portman, who is Jewish, summed up her former friend rather neatly, commenting that his attitude was "the opposite of all that is beautiful".

It is indeed ugly - like so many aspects of the bloated and brainless fashion industry which worshipped him.


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