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Unlike Francis, the left are no saints

By Jane Graham

It was about a minute after his inauguration that 76-year- old Latin American Pope Francis was decried on Twitter for not being a campaigner for gay marriage or abortion.

I, for one, wasn't shocked by the revelation. But the attacks riled me as I read of Jorge Bergoglio's life in Buenos Aires. His rousing speeches are impressive, but we know that often means little.

Far more importantly, this is a man who seems to actually take the words and deeds of Jesus very seriously, and has striven to help the poor, sick and dispossessed of the Argentinian slums.

He worked among the prostitutes and addicts and washed the feet of AIDS patients. He slammed priests who wouldn't baptise the children of single mothers.

"Become the Word in body as well as spirit," he beseeched fellow priests, anxious about getting their hands dirty.

I wonder how many of those with more liberal views have done as much quantifiable good.

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