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We should hang up on these sour Christians

By Jane Graham

All good Christians will be deeply offended by the news that the Advertising Standards Authority have banned a Phones4U advert featuring a picture of Jesus winking and grinning on the grounds that it mocks Christianity.

The ASA were prompted into an investigation after 100 people complained about the ad, which saw a jolly beardy Jesus mark his approval of 'miraculous' new deals with a Macca-style thumbs up.

But surely any decent Christian with an iota of common sense, perspective and/or a small sense of humour is insulted by the idea these 100 handwringers represent them.

Yet again Christians are being presented as the kind of joyless, disapproving and rather stupid folk who might consider the notion of a cheerful, winking Good Lord to be grotesque or immoral.

In the name of God, save your outrage for something outrageous. It's almost as if you can't take a joke.


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