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Westlife saved in the nick of time

By Jane Graham

I'll never forget the day I watched Bobby Davro being put in stocks, having his trousers pulled down and being left to crash nose-first onto the floor behind an oblivious tap-dancing Lionel Blair.

The stunt began life as a piece of light entertainment, then became a visual aid in a BBC health and safety course about the perils of bad planning. At least I think it was bad planning - I couldn't quite catch what the grim-faced adviser was saying above the gut-busting laughter which was filling the room.

No one this week knew more about that than Westlife, when a mid-show technical fault left them 'dangling in mid-air' on a large swaying bar until a posse of security men waded in to save them.

What does it say about my disposition that I would have paid good money to watch Nicky Byrne's face register the fact that he would be there for a while.

Perhaps I was badly brought up, or lack an empathy gene, but I think I would have found Westlife entertaining for the very first time.


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