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What’s wrong with a guy admiring a sexy woman?

By Jane Graham

Frank McAveety, the rather jolly, music-loving Member of (Scottish) Parliament, has had to resign from his jobs as convener of the petitions committee and Scottish Labour's sports spokesperson because he was heard referring to a woman on the public benches as “very attractive”, “slim” and like something out of a Gauguin painting.

The Scottish Press covering this story have remarked that McAveety can sometimes be a bit of a “laddish rascal” (because, of course, lads often comment that girls are “total Gauguins”) and have also drawn attention to his married status. Have things really got this imbecilic?

Are we so fearful of the tyranny of political correctness that we think a man should resign because he privately admitted to finding a woman who was not his wife attractive?

I would imagine that my husband notices good-looking woman every day. He may even comment on them to friends.

I don’t find this offensive or derogatory or unprofessional, and if you do, I’m afraid the only answer is to agree that only eunuchs with sewn-up mouths should be given government jobs in future.

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